Here at wellness haven, we believe health is a whole story. We want to improve wellbeing through alternative therapies, support services and education.

Reconnection recovery


Guide you in reconnecting with the community, workplace, family, and the world. Transitions back into daily life can be daunting, especially after a physical illness, mental health relapse, significant life change, or the loss of a loved one.


Recognising that recovery is a personal journey and varies for each individual, we collaborate with you to devise a plan. The pace is determined by your comfort, ensuring you feel supported at every step.


Yoga therapy


60-minute session.    


A blend of yoga poses, breathwork, acupressure, and counseling.


Utilising yoga poses facilitates the gentle movement of emotions through the body. Yoga’s inherent qualities also aid in relaxation and stress reduction. Breathwork, a crucial element, can significantly reduce anxiety and depression by soothing the nervous system, making it an invaluable tool for recovery.


Mask group

Holistic counselling & advocacy


Holistic treatment addresses the entirety of an individual rather than isolating a single aspect.


Our sessions are tailored to your unique needs, considering all facets of your well-being. Tools like conversations, yoga therapy, reiki, meditation, medical intuitive assessments, and visualisation can be incorporated to help you navigate challenging emotional phases and instigate positive life changes.


We empower you to confidently engage with the medical system, guiding you to ask pertinent questions and assisting you in finding practitioners who align with your specific needs.


Our space is where your wisdom and
wellness come together.

At Wellness Haven, we’re dedicated to providing a sanctuary where every client feels safe, respected, and understood. Our approach encompasses several fundamental principles


Our team is specially trained to approach and interact with clients with an understanding of the widespread impact of trauma. We ensure that our space is physically, psychologically, and emotionally safe for everyone.

Mental Health Trained

We possess specialised training in addressing and supporting mental health needs. Our interventions are crafted with sensitivity, acknowledging each individual's unique experiences and challenges.

Body Advocate

We champion the importance of understanding and respecting the body. We believe in promoting body positivity and recognising the essential connection between physical well-being and mental and emotional health.

You are one step to

healing yourself

At Wellness Haven, we understand the urgency of seeking help. You can approach us directly without any referral, ensuring that assistance is readily available when you need it.

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