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IN-person Clinic Location

In-person consults are located in Gnangara at 44 Louise Place, Gnangara, in Perth, Australia. The clinic is 15 minutes from Joondalup and 29 minutes from Perth, CBD.

The clinic is home-based and positioned just before the end of the cul de sac. It's in the far right portion of the building through the two french doors (with haze-tinted windows). It's the building viewable as soon as you enter the gate and surrounded by two pot plants. The doors will be open if a client is currently not in a consult.

Clinic Access

Drive through the front property gate and park in front of the clinic doors or undercover on the far right side (next to the other cars).
If you encounter any issues or the gate is not open, call 0444 527 788.


There is parking on the property under the sheds cover (park on the far right side of thee cover next to the other cars, the spot further away from the main house).

Public Transport

Unfortunately there is no public transport close to the clinic location.

Payment Methods

The clinic accepts credit card, EFTPOS, apple pay and android pay. Can take exact cash amount too.

Payment for the consult and any products are required at the end of the consultation.

Private Health Rebate

Private health rebates are available for naturopathy appointments depending on your level of cover. Rebates will be available for massage down the track.

How do I book in?

You can book in either by:

Please know messages, emails and phone calls will only be followed up during business hours and I endeavour to respond to emails within 24 business hours.

What happens during a consult?

Please complete the initial intake forms emailed to your prior to the consult to be able to maximise our time during the consult on your health concerns.

An initial naturopathic appointment will go for 90 minutes and will involve a thorough case history covering all aspects of your health from your presenting complaint, review of body systems, lifestyle, diet analysis and relevant physical examinations. This is followed by a discussion revolving around possible treatment options and the best direction we can take to maximise your health and well-being.
If you include the massage bonus, the consult will go for 2 hours and include a 30 minute relaxation and deep tissue massage of your neck and shoulders.

The follow-up will go for 60 minutes and will include a review of your presenting complaint and general health, analysis of any pathology and physical examinations that were conducted, followed by a review of your current treatment protocol and wellness journey to make sure it is still suitable for your health.
If you include the massage bonus, the consult will go for 1.5 hours and includes a 30 minute relaxation and deep tissue massage of your neck and shoulders on top of the 60 minute naturopathic consult.

All initial massage consultations will start with a 10 minute history and assessment followed by either a full body deep tissue, specific treatment or combination of the two.
Full body deep tissue involves a mix of relaxation and deep tissue massage techniques covering the whole body from the feet to the top of the scalp. A 60 minute massage excludes the arms. The treatment will use various pressures to stimulate healing and release muscle tension so (depending on your muscle and soft tissue condition) certain areas may be more tender.

Specific treatment involves a massage focusing on specific areas of the body (ie. for hip complaints the hips, buttocks, upper legs and back will all be treated). This massage will incorporate relaxation and deep tissue massage techniques along with myofascial cupping and trigger point therapy to treat the root muscle tension and tightness to achieve optimal healing. This massage technique is beneficial if your muscular tissues impair movement or flexibility and certain areas may come across as tender.

What should I bring?
Please bring any recent tests or scans, and a list of your current medication/supplements to check for possible herb/nutrient-drug interactions.
How many consults will I need?

This varies for every individual depending on their health issue/s. More complex and chronic health issues may require more frequent consultations while acute conditions may only require 2-3. As a guide, the second consult will typically be 2 weeks after the initial appointment and consults thereafter can span anywhere between 2-6 weeks until you are satisfied with your health outcome.  As a guide in Naturopathy, we find it takes 1 month for every year your issue has existed.

I will provide you with a guide at the 1st or 2nd appointment to let you know an approximate treatment timeline.

online & in person at
Gnangara (44 Louise Pl, Gnangara)

Mon 10-7 , Wed 9:30-7 & Thurs 9:30-7
Other times on request.